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Keyword searches can be made using the search box above. The monument tables are a remnant from the old website layout and give an indicator of which monuments are still within the ground as well as an indicator of what information is currently available on the site. I have retained the old surname listings above as these include variations of surnames as written on the memorials, however the previous links have now been removed to accomodate the removal of the old pages and are no longer required due to the inbuilt search facility.

 About Tombs of the Dundee Howff.

Tombs of the Dundee Howff was conceived back in 2001, the aim of the site was to photograph and transcribe all the memorials within the Howff cemetery here in Dundee, document the known history and perhaps uncover some not so well known facts and stories, and eventually to expand into other cemeteries.

Due to the development of new technologies I am now looking at using RTI or Reflectance Transformation Imaging. This is at its simplest a fixed camera with a movable light source that allows a set of images to be composed into an almost 3D image via clever software to allow heavily worn monuments to be readable. This will allow me to expand into other areas of carved stone recording as well as those within burial grounds. In the immediate future I will be adding more pre1855 memorials from other burial grounds within the Dundee area so that some more of Dundee's history can be told through the lives of the people from times past.

The recording of inscriptions in the Howff is now completed. All monuments visible and also those removed in antiquity or destroyed by the ravages of time have their inscriptions recorded here. Additional inscriptions and information obtained from other sources and some background stories have now been added to selected memorials, with more being added as time goes on.Those which are showing just a name entry are the details as recorded in an 1833-34 survey and the Register of Tombstones and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground 1832 and no further information is available at present.

The Howff survey now contains well over 2000 pages, so there is plenty to see!! I have been as accurate as I can throughout this project, however as with any task this size and dealing with vast amounts of information there may be the odd error, if you do happen to come across one then please feel free to email me from the Contact link above. Thank you, and enjoy your visit :)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff from the Wellgate Library here in Dundee for their tremendous assistance. Also many thanks to Iain Flett and staff from the Dundee City Archive, and also Innes Duffus honorary Archivist to the Nine Incorporated Trades.

3D Imaging

At present a very limited amount of memorials have a 3D model included with the photographs and inscriptions. These have been produced using a technique known as photogrammetry. To find the models on site please use the search facility above with the keyword:-


Thank you.


Doors open day 2015

This year the Dundee Doors Open Day's will be Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of September, followed by Doors Open to Heaven Week. This will features tours of the local cemeteries, details are as follows:-

Monday 21st : The Howff.

Tuesday 22nd : Roodyards.

Wednesday 23rd : Broughty Ferry Old (Fisher Street).

Thursday 24th : Logie.

Friday 25th : Western, concentrating on the Commonwealth War Graves.